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Rp 2,000,000



  1. Passport validity minimum 6 months from estimated arrival date.
  2. Newest Photo with 3,5 x 4,5 size = 2 sheets, with white background, using photo paper with good quality and clear proportional face when zoomed 80%
  3. Sponsorship letters in English from company where applicant works. If there is more person/family joining the trip please put his/her name and status on the letter.
    • Applicant start job date and salary per month must be included on company’s Sponsorship Letters
    • If there isn’t salary per month mentioned on the letter, applicant must attach salary slip
    • Copy of SIUP (Owner) and in English and NPWP must be added if the applicant is General Manager, Director, President Director or Commissioner
    • If the applicant is business owner and not having official letterhead then applicant can type the letter in English with company’s stamp and also attach copy of NPWP and SIUP(Owner) in English
    • If the applicant is getting sponsor from his/her child, please attach copy of child birth certificate. This can proves application relationship with the child. → In English
    • If the applicant is getting sponsor from in law, please attach copy of his child married certificate and birth certificate to prove the relationship → In English.
    • If the applicant is retired, the letter can be typed on paper In English and signed
  4. Applicant can choose type of financial statement:
    • Original Current Account from Bank.
    • Legalized copy of Saving/ Bank Transfer from E-Banking per sheet
  5. If the name on passport is different from applicant data, please attach copy of Certificate of Change of Name (Surat Ganti Nama) In → English
  6. Copy of Marriage Certificate ( Akte Nikah)
  7. Original Student Card (Kartu Pelajar) and Confirmation Letter from School (Surat Keterangan Sekolah) in English.
  8. If applicant’s child lives in Germany, attach copy of passport, visa, birth certificate and letter of invitation in English
  9. Print Out Ticket Reservation / Original Ticket
  10. Copy of Family Card (KK) + Resident Identity Card ( KTP )
  11. Hotel confirmation with official letterhead during trip from the Europe.
  12. Traveling Insurance that valid for the duration of applicant stay on Europe and a guarantee money (uang pertanggungan) USD 50.000 or EURO 30.000.
  13. Form is filled and signed by applicant. For the child who doesn’t have an Resident Identity Card, form is signed by both of the parents
  14. For Children under 18 Years Old who travel with only one of the parent, the applicant must give permission letter from parents notarized by notary,


For every applicants who already VIS and not coming to retake biometric MUST sign main form (3 online papers to sign) + Extra form (3 papers) +Letter of Authority (Surat Kuasa) (1 Paper) because there are 7 papers need to be signed by applicant.


Type Process Price
Tourist / Business 7-14 Days IDR 2,000,000
Notes :
  • Price can changes anytime without prior notice
  • Price above is not include VAT 1%


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